Hunter, brutally shot dead a sleeping lion in Africa, was identified as a resident of Illinois (video 18+)

Twitter on Monday published brutal (we have been warned!) a video in which a hunter shoots and kills from behind the sleeping lion in the wild.

This ‘hunter’ sneaked up on a SLEEPING #Lion and killed it!

How brave, how sporting — HOW CUNTISH!!!

According to the @NatGeo
magazine, the Lion will have disappeared from the African continent in 2050!!!! RT if you want a GLOBAL ban on ALL #trophyhunting NOW!! @RickyGervais

— PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE (@Protect_Wldlife) March 18, 2019

Although it has spread on social networks just now, the video allegedly was filmed back in 2011 in Zimbabwe.

It was published in the account of conservationists from the UK @Protect_Wldlife.

«This «hunter» snuck up behind a sleeping lion and killed it! As boldly as sports!», — reads the caption under the video.

According to preliminary information, the shooter in the video was identified as 64-year-old guy Gornji from the state of Illinois.

The man known for his love of hunting in Africa. He gave an interview to CBS in 2015, where it is not expressed no remorse and stated that at that time killed more than 70 large animals: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes.

«So, if anyone has photos with the dead deer, no one cares. But if the photo of the elephant, it becomes a problem. Me – anyway,» said Gorni.

In the video, the man points the rifle at the sleeping lion, makes a shot, from which the animal jumps up and flexes his back, trying to understand where the attack began. Before Leo manages to understand something, the man does two more shots and kills him.

«It’s not hunting or sport, it’s murder,» wrote user @verdiKate on Twitter. Others noted that such should be the punishment.

The COWARD who shot a sleeping ‘Lion in Zimbabwe has been revealed as the remorseless #trophyhunter Guy Gorney, from Illinois. He was was branded a «scumbag» on social media, when footage released by @Protect_Wldlife showing him shooting the lion in Zimbabwe caused an online storm!

— PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE (@Protect_Wldlife) March 20, 2019

According to the horní, hunting is a means of protecting wildlife populations. «The shooting of one lion is the preservation of 70 zebras in the year. In nature there is always balance,» said hunter.

As for elephants, hunting them horní called «challenge».

According to the African wildlife Fund, at the current rate of lion hunting and poaching the «kings of beasts» may almost disappear by 2050.