In Washington opened the national cherry blossom festival

Today, March 20, in Washington, DC (Colombia) began the national cherry blossom festival is an annual event which fills the capital of the millions of delicate pink flowers and attracts many tourists.

Traditionally, the festival will be held on the National Mall in Washington and its vicinity, writes ABC7NY. There are three main locations where you can see blooming trees near the Washington monument, around the Tidal basin in West Potomac Park and to the South around Cape Hines East Potomac Park.

Make the most of springtime in #WashingtonDC

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According to CNN, as of today, the trees have not yet blossomed. Officials of the national Park Service predicts that this year the peak of the cherry blossoms falling on 3-6 April. At the beginning of the next month bloom 70% of all colors. The cherry blossom period is about two weeks, so every year there is a relatively narrow «window» when you can see the trees in full bloom.

The festival will run through April 14. Parks, where you can see blooming Sakura, free and open to the public. The festival is ready to welcome over 1.5 million visitors.

Located at 444 K Street NW, MVT»s new dual-sided mural kicks off the launch of the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s #CityInBloom campaign! Be sure to tag #LifeInMVT in your photos and stay tuned for the release of the second side of the mural! 🌸🌸🌸

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Every spring, the national Mall of Washington transformed into a blooming garden, and the citizens and guests of the capital are celebrating. The organizers of the cherry blossom Festival organizes dinners, holiday cruises, concerts, lectures and master classes, and end all of the colorful parade.

Recall that in the spring of 1912 the mayor of Tokyo Yukio Ozaki presented a gift to Washington of 3,000 cherry seedlings as a sign of friendship between the United States and Japan. The festival glorifies «the beauty of nature and international friendship.»