Death in the Caribbean: in the Dominican Republic the missing American couple found dead

In the Dominican Republic discovered the body, which, apparently, belong to the missing pair of hikers from the state of new York.

According to preliminary information, Orlando Moore and a Portion of the Ravenel could get in a car accident when about two weeks ago was driving a rented car in the airport of the Dominican Republic. Family and friends are only now learned what happened to their loved ones, although the body was recovered a few days after the disappearance of the pair.

Orlando Portion, having a vacation in the Dominican Republic — government in the Caribbean — was supposed to arrive in Newark airport on March 27. When they did not return, family and friends raised the alarm.

Death in the Caribbean: in the Dominican Republic the missing American couple found deadDeath in the Caribbean: in the Dominican Republic the missing American couple found deadPhoto: Facebook

According to a friend of the pair Francesca Figueroa, 31 March, she spoke with a representative of the U.S. Embassy, who told her: «Bodies are found, accidents are not registered, in prisons they are not.»

«I felt better. I thought maybe they just got lost,» said Francesca.

Surveillance cameras at the airport in the Dominican Republic showed that the pair did not get to him. On Tuesday, April 9, became known the details of the tragedy.

March 27 fishermen reported seeing the vehicle on the seabed, but due to the harsh weather conditions divers were not able to get there. On March 27 the road to the international airport in Santo Domingo, was found the woman unconscious, which is similar in description to a Portion of the Ravenel. She died in hospital on 4 April. March 31, decaying body of a man that fits the description of Moore (the same tattoo on his arm), was discovered in the sea near Sanssouci.

Authorities said that while they have no evidence of criminal trail. Police said the Dominican Republic could be an accident and the car fell into the ocean. The portions managed to get out, and Orlando is not.

Formal identification of the bodies has not yet happened, and the autopsy.

Canadian Cheryl Freeman told CNN that she and her boyfriend spent time together in Orlando and Serving in the resort town of Samana.

According to Cheryl, the flight, Moore and Ravenel was 2 in the morning, they rented a car to get to the airport.

Cheryl added that the Portion was worried about night driving and if they will have enough gasoline, it is constantly checking the charge of phones, to use GPS.

Portion said that the rental company told them not to stop on the way and don’t open the window because the locals know what cars can be rented, and often trying to Rob tourists.