Tourists will be able to live 4 days in the snow at Bryce Canyon without water, food and warm clothes

A tourist who 4 day wandering around a snow-covered national Park Utah Bryce Canyon, managed to survive, despite the fact that he didn’t have water and food and clothes were only shorts and shirt.

John Harm Wiersema (39 years) of Jerome (Idaho) decided to go on a walking tour on Monday morning, he didn’t bring any food and stocked up the only bottle of water. By the time Friday afternoon he was found by rescuers, he was dehydrated, but that was absolutely incredible, didn’t hurt except a few bruises and scratches. The Sheriff’s office was amazed: «With the recent weather conditions it was difficult to believe that someone could survive here alone.»

Wiersema decided to go Hiking in the Swamp Canyon Trail Park Bryce Canyon. The path length of 4.1 mile (6.6 km) gives incredible views of the famous rock formations red. Wiersema said that he survived thanks to the fact that drinking water sources. The police said: «He was just wandering, not knowing how to get out. He thought that he was going Hiking for 2 hours, but got lost.»

To find John only started on Thursday, when the message about the missing men. The police began with the search of his car, which was discovered pretty quickly.

Posted by John Wiersema on Thursday, April 25, 2019

In a long post on Facebook on Saturday of Wiersema explained what happened when he arrived to the Park on Monday:

«I came to the first point, Swamp Canyon Trail, and decided it would be nice to stroll through the area on foot. Settling down, I decided to go a little further. But when I decided it was time to return, I realized that he was lost. I was pretty upset the first night when I found the source of stepping on it in the dark. So now it was cold, windy and I got wet socks. I dreamed that it was the worst thing that ever happened to me».

After a night out in the cold returned to him the hope that he will be able to get out of the canyon on Tuesday. «I came up with a great idea to climb on the rocks to try to understand whether I know the area. I’ve done it several times, but never been able to get to know the territory,» recalls Wiersema and continues: «I survived thanks to water and snow. I even tried to chew on pine needles to get out of them a little moisture. I started to have hallucinations. Many times I lost hope and thought that I would die here. I went to bed and didn’t Wake up Lee.»

Only on the 4th day he met: «on Friday morning I ran into three guys on horses, which had dogs. Obviously, they were hunters. They gave me something to drink, put him on a horse and taken to the place where they parked». There came the deputies, who were surprised and pleased that John was able to hold out in the Park on Monday.

Now Wiersema recovering at the hospital in Panguitch. He finished his post with gratitude to family, friends and rescue workers, as well as the physicians who now care about him. It should be released in a few days.