Everest queue, and the «tube» of the people, killed two climbers, among them – the American (photos)

Two climbers died on mount Everest on Wednesday, may 22, after the crowd of people stuck in the queueleading to the top of the highest mountains in the world.

So, 55-year-old Indian mountaineer, anjali Kulkarni died during the descent after reaching the summit. As told CNN her son, a woman stuck in a traffic jam on the fourth camp, which is located at an altitude of 8000 meters.

55-year-old American climber from Utah Donald Lynn the Cache also died after losing consciousness from altitude sickness while descending from the summit.

Climber Nirmal of Purga published in Facebook photo heavy human traffic on the mountain last Wednesday. He added that in the queue to the top of Chomolungma in the»death zone» at the same time, there were about 320 people.

Everest queue, and the «tube» of the people, killed two climbers, among them – the American (photos)Photo: Facebook

Dondurej the Ghimire, Director General of the Department of tourism of Nepal, rejected the assumption that the number of climbers contributed to the deaths, calling such statements «unfounded.»

The height of mount Everest — 8 848 metres (29 029 feet). The human body essentially begins to die at such a height, so the top can hold only a few minutes without oxygen.

«This season the weather was not pleased, so as soon as there is a «window» of clear weather, climbers scale the summit — said Ghimire. – The main cause of deaths on mount Everest – altitude sickness».

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According to representatives of Pioneer Adventure, from which went to the American Everest climber, he lost consciousness on the trail at a height of about 8 770 meters.

«Our team did everything possible to save his life,» the company said, adding that the guides, Sherpa (ethnic group in Nepal) began transporting men down, but to save the Utah resident failed.

More than 200 climbers have died on Everest since 1922. Most often, the bodies remain on the mountain, buried under snow and glaciers.