Disneyland was a Ghost town due to the discovery of themed areas dedicated to Star wars

It’s amazing, but after opening a long-awaited thematic areas Star Wars: Galaxy»s Edge Park was empty.

According to guests, Disneyland has become a «Ghost town,» reports Fox News.

«It comes as a surprise not only because in the summer the Park is usually crowded, but because of the recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy»s Edge,» say the visitors.

Thanks to the new area at a cost of $1 billion visitors to be able to fly the Millennium Falcon, fight lightsaber and drink blue milk.

To ensure that the Park will not be Packed with fans of Star wars, Disneyland has introduced some measures to control the crowd: Galaxy»s Edge was only available to those who booked a ticket to the 23rd of June. But this week the Park was completely empty.

Patrick Finnegan, Vice President, Disney’s California Adventure, told the OC Register that the Park had such a low wait time in decades.

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Well #Disneyland is empty pretty much everyday pic.twitter.com/76ZNKUfrk6

— Ademir Villacorta (@Ademir818) June 28, 2019

But the Park is not concerned about this.

«We concentrated on how to provide an excellent experience from the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy»s Edge, — said the representative of Disneyland. — The throughput Disneyland by 20%, and together with all our new offers, advanced planning and innovative technologies, we received incredible feedback and satisfaction from our guests.»