«Hi, Batman!»: bat wreaked havoc in the plane in Newark (video)

Passengers on Board the flight Spirit Airlines, flying from North Carolina to new Jersey, was surprised (and someone – and scared) when the cabin showed up a batthat flew back and forth on the plane, causing chaos and delight at the same time.

According to an eyewitness, Peter Scattini, which published a video with bat on Twitter, the animal appeared in the cabin about 30 minutes after the plane took off from Charlotte (North Carolina), and went to Newark (new Jersey).

me, twice a year: “I’ll never fly spirit again.”
me, this morning, after deciding I’d rather save 12 dollars: pic.twitter.com/ASqk3bb89j

— Peter Scattini (@jpscattini) July 31, 2019

«Where did it come from? I have no idea. In the end, someone drove her in a trap between a book and a Cup, and then the mouse locked in one of the toilets until the end of the flight.»

Here’s a crazy flight experience. A bat was on the plane headed to Newark. It came out while the plane was in the air. Luckily no one was hurt. One of the passengers caught it and put it in the bathroom. @karenhunter pic.twitter.com/lV0HgHptjY

— My friends call me Lisa (@adrilisasmiddle) July 31, 2019

«Hi, Batman!», — one woman in the video, when the bat flaps its wings in panic and flew over the heads of the passengers.

But that said, the representatives of Spirit Airlines in an official statement:

Woman spravilsia small need of potatoes in the supermarket, she surrendered policiesin, which presumably has celebrated small need on the tubers of potatoes in the supermarket, she decided to surrender and now she will face several charges. Dishonest people and their passion to put …July 31, 2019, 19:05

«Spirit Airlines confirms that one of our recent flight from Charlotte to Newark was discovered bat. Drove it to the restroom and on the earth took officers animal control. The plane just in case I searched and disinfected. She probably came on Board in Charlotte when the aircraft cleaning. During the incident no one was hurt, including the bat».

Recall, the passengers of Southwest Airlines from Nashville to Philadelphia was very surprised when I saw in the overhead compartment, the stewardess. In the video, the woman in the uniform of a stewardess lying on its side in the Luggage compartment, while passengers fill the show. Witnesses have suggested that the woman wanted to raise the mood of the passengers before the flight.