When the American Airlines flight was detained, children flying unaccompanied, left for days without food and care — and didn’t even call them parents

8-year-old Hudson Hoyt from Beaverton (Oregon) couldn’t wait for my trip to New Friend Camp, who organized a special weekly program for children with neurofibromatosis — a genetic disease, harakteryzuyutsya appearance of tumors on nerve tissues.

As he’d expected, everything was just perfect — at least until then, until it was time to return. According to his mother, the boy and another 8 children from the camp who went home on American Airlines flight unaccompanied, endured a nightmarish experience because of the numerous delays, which are not reported to anyone of the parents, they are stuck in the first plane, and then at the airport without food and proper care. Now, says Christie Hoyt, her son is not sure he will be able to fly again.

«I was afraid I would never see mother»

First they came for the transplant to Charlotte. The children immediately put on a flight to Portland, not even allowing to eat, but their troubles had just begun. The second plane was delayed twice: first due to spillage of fuel, then because the team had to find a replacement for the pilots who have worked too many hours. Any of these delays are not reported to parents.

Christie claims that the airline didn’t even try to contact any of the parents, despite the rules, and when she appealed to the leadership with a request to give her a phone number where you would like to know what is going on, the reply was a categorical «no». The case moved from the dead point only when one of the children in the group he called and handed the phone to the stewardess, she explained the situation.

«I was scared. — said Hudson, who is suffering from anxiety disorder, in an interview with the Washington Post — When the plane did not fly, I was afraid I would never see mother.»

Then it gets worse. The flight was delayed until the next morning and the kids had to stay in the airport without an adult, in the room where there were not enough beds and some had to sleep on the floor. Besides, Hudson with friends and are unable to eat: their last good meal was in the morning, in the camp, and the snack machines didn’t work here. And that’s not to mention the fact that some of these children need not only food, but also medications that they took food from migraines and seizures.

«We were only given crackers and soda, which is not very good: we need proper food to take her medication,» recalls Kelly Phillips, one of the children in the group.

Waiting for the return of her son, Christy has published in Facebook a series of angry messages addressed to American Airlines.

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«As you all can leave 9 children with special needs and unaccompanied on a plane for over 5 hours, nothing is telling their parents? she wrote it in one of the first posts — <…> It’s just a shame you cause them great harm!»

In the morning, around 6:00, kids once again took on the plane. On Board they have not brought the promised Breakfast, although the flight and arrested because of «problems with service», and when the journey finally came to an end, the mother of Hudson was waiting for the dramatic climax: instead of the son she brought someone else’s child.

In total, the group spent 24 hours without proper meals or are in a stressful situation. For Hudson this is an especially great test: he suffered from anxiety disorder and so-called syndrome of abandonment since the adoption, and the incident only worsened his condition.

American Airlines has already issued an official statement in which he claimed that the children were «in complete safety» and said that «sincerely apologize» to all parents for the incident. Christie, however, says that so far neither she nor her son have not received the full apology.

Now their main task — to leave the bad experience behind and to overcome the newfound fear of the boy before the flight. Especially with flights on American Airlines.

«We’re just trying to cope with the experienced trauma,» says the woman.