«Cordial greetings»: a resident of Alaska found 50-year-old message in a bottle, written by a Russian sailor during the cold war

Alaska resident found a bottle with a note from 50 years ago, written by a Russian sailor during the cold war.

Tyler Ivanoff spent time with their children, when I came across an interesting discovery. It happened near the city Shishmaref 5 August, reports the Anchorage Daily News.

«I was just collecting firewood; all picked berries, said Ivanoff. — I stumbled on the bottle and noticed it was a green bottle with a cork. And inside the bottle was a note».

Inside was two sheets of paper.

«My kids were very excited. They were wondering whether it was the note of pirates,» said Ivanoff.

But the paper didn’t have a map leading to buried Spanish Galleons or the fountain of youth. The first sheet of paper was completely empty, but the second was more curious instance.

«The note was written in Russian. I noticed this because I studied Russian language in College and in high school,» said Ivanoff.

Since the man could not understand all that was written in the letter, he asked for help in Facebook in hope to find someone who would understand the meaning of the mysterious message.

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In a message to Russian sailor conveyed «cordial greetings» from 1969, and wished long life to those who find his message.

I found a message in a bottle today. Any friends that are Russian translators out there?

Geplaatst door Tyler Ivanoff op Maandag 5 augustus 2019

The post quickly spread around the Russian-speaking groups and soon attracted the attention of «Russia 1». Reporters of TV channel tracked down the author of the letter: the former captain of the factory ship Sulak 86-year-old Anatoliy Baranenko, who lives in the Crimea. Journalists visited his house and told about the discovery.

«Looks like my handwriting. Really… looks like. But I’m not sure. Wait… Of Course! — the man told reporters. — I always wrote».

Pozanenko said «Russia 1» that when he was 33 he was the youngest captain in the Pacific. According to the man, he was glad that the bottle found it is American, and grateful for the opportunity to reminisce about the old days.