Grief-stricken family blames the airline that their dog was «cooked alive» during the flight

Family of Florida is heartbroken after their dog died during the flight company United Airlines from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, which made a stop in Newark.

45-year-old John Paul Ciancimino said that the Rock – dog-defender, trained in Boston. The incident occurred in August 2017, but now the family continues to plead with United.

«He was literally roasted alive, — the man said. And was completely blind at the time when you found it.»

According to John Paul, the death of the Belgian shepherd Malinois has led to the fact that his children – 9-year-old John and 5-year-old Alice – was simply «devastated.»

In the report the vet says that Rock is dead from heat stroke.

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«Rock was a member of the family. He was a special dog… he was very loving and affectionate. My kids are still talking about it,» said Ciancimino and added that they have not received pecuniary compensation from the airline.

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«But it’s not about the money. They just did not recognize what he’s done. They treat your Pets — your loved ones — like Luggage.»

Representatives of United Airlines said in a statement that they are «saddened by what happened.»

«Our team PetSafe is committed to ensure the safety and comfort of all Pets that are traveling with us, said the airline. — Upon the arrival of the Rock in Newark, our team found that the dog had hurt himself when he escaped from his cage during the flight. We immediately took Rock in a local veterinary clinic, where he died. After that we contacted the customer and reimbursed transport costs and also cover all veterinary bills.»

The family’s lawyer Evan Oshan said that «no living creature should die like a Rock».

«The dog had a temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit,» said Oshan, referring to the report of a veterinarian.

According to the U.S. Department of transportation, in 2017 on the United flight died 18 Pets. For comparison, on flights with American, Delta and Alaska killed two animals.