Chicago airport blew up a passenger’s baggage during loading on Board the aircraft

The suitcase of one of the passengers exploded during loading on the flight to Chicago international airport midway (Midway International Airport).

According to preliminary information, the cause of the explosion on October 21 began the cell phone battery or charger for the gadget. It happened after the suitcase was hit by a truck.

After the explosion at the airport in the windy City was declared a dangerous situation the first level, and the operation of the airport temporarily suspended while police conducted the investigation. After about two hours midway airport resumed work, the flights were only a small delay.

Chicago Midway @fly2midway

— Scott McBride (@ksmcbride) October 21, 2019

Chicago police have released the following statement:

«The incident with the Luggage at the airport midway was eliminated. There is no threat to public safety. Airport resumes».

The representative of the local police Department Anthony Guglielmi thanked everyone for their vigilance, as well as firefighters, officers and technical experts for assistance.

Many social media users were outraged by this careless baggage handling.

«Fine, Volaris moved the Luggage of his client,» commented Twitter user named Justin.

The bag had to be loaded on the flight Mexican airline Volaris to Leon (Mexico).

But literally the day before the incident on Board flight Air France from Paris to Chicago was discovered «suspicious» mobile phone. The pilot decided to unplanned landing in Ireland, as the owner of the phone was not. In Ireland, the plane was met by police, who examined the phone. Fortunately, he was «clean».