On the «boat Ghost» found the body of a man who went missing after crossing the Atlantic

The man’s body was found aboard a yachtthat sailed across the Atlantic ocean, and missing more than a month ago.

42-year-old Mark Brennan from South shields (UK) was last seen on the boat leaving the Marina on the Caribbean island of Grenada on 6 December.

According to the marine web site Boatwatch, he arrived from Barbados four days earlier and told that crossing the ocean was «tough» for him, adding that he’s «still somewhat inexperienced sailor.»

On his 30-foot vessel «Avrio» was not a radio or cell phone, and he lost his boat during a transatlantic crossing.

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On 21 December he was declared missing in his native England. Monday «yacht» Ghost and the corpse on it was discovered in the Caribbean sea about 71 nautical mile from Ocho Rios on the North coast of Jamaica.

The mother of Brennan, 69-year-old Marjorie from South shields, told The Sun: «they found Him, and we grieve. We await the results of autopsy.»

Mark Brennan always traveled solo. Police are investigating to find out whether the death was violent Briton.

«The authorities in Jamaica are investigating to accurately determine the identity and cause of death, and we will continue to support them in cooperation with the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Commonwealth office (FCO). The family does receive support from officers, and they are asked to respect their integrity,» — said in Northumbria police (UK).