Life hacking for travelers: 7 ways to protect your valuables during the trip

Nothing spoils a triplike losing your wallet, phone or passport and many other travel destinations abound for talented pickpockets.

We picked up 7 life hacks for hiding valuables during travels.

Money belt

These leather belts have an inner zippered compartments, ideal to hide money and spare keys. Prices on thing start at just $9.52 and which can provide you save a much greater amount.

Bra with secret

For women one of the best options bra with a secret. You can put Bank cards, money and keys in a silk bag and secure it at the center of any bra. Pouch size – only three to four inches. This piece from Eagle’s Creek’is, for example, $13,95.

Two in one

A special attachment on the body of the phone turns it into a wallet where you can stash your ID or a Bank card. The price of the device starts from $10.

Beach safes

The easiest way to keep wallet and other valuables when you are resting by the sea alone. Be safe «burials» in the sand, preferably under the head – so even the most observant thieves will not be able to get to your personal belongings. Is «safe» for about $34,50.

Money in flip-flops

Here in the road-flops are built-in pouch for cards and money. The shoes are sold for $34.95.

Shoes with stash

There are more durable shoes with cache – for example, Sanuk shoes with a secret pocket. In the secret compartment will fit not only money but also the keys. There are such sneakers is about $55.


It is also prudent to have a purse as bait. In the old purse you can put invalid card (e.g. a discount or gift). In case of a robbery, you give a purse as bait, and leave it upstairs in your bag: perhaps it will encroach the pickpocket, while the real wallet is hidden much deeper.