The airline found the lost child a doll father of the military with a recording of his voice

Company Delta Air Lines «reunited» the little girl with the missing «daddy’s doll» after the doll last week was lost during the flight from Connecticut to Florida.

Last Thursday the girl’s mother, Ariel Britton, wrote on Facebookthat her daughter everywhere worn with a favorite doll.

Hi, I’m Kenley»s daddy doll. I go everywhere she goes because her dada is deployed. We were traveling back home…

Geplaatst door Arielle Saige Britton op Donderdag 6 februari 2020

According to Ariel Britton, on the doll 18-month-old girl was a picture of her father in uniform, because a man serves in the US army thousands of miles from home, and when she pressed the button on the doll started to play a recording of the voice of the father.

The doll is lost, when the family was traveling from Bradley international airport (Bradley International Airport) to the international airport Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) and then to Florida.

The story of a girl Kenley and her dolls quickly spread on Facebook and Twitter.

«OK, Twitter, let’s find a doll this little girl, wrote the reporter for Bay News 9. – She was flying Delta airlines with my mom. Inside there is a voice recording of his father, Kenley. Have you seen her?».

The following evening, a Delta employee got in touch with Ariel Britton to announce that the doll found on the plane in Atlanta.

On the same day Delta Air Lines posted a photo of a doll in a chair in a plane with the caption: «We found a puppet of you, Kenley! He missed you, but don’t worry. We’ll get him home.»

We found your doll, Kenley! He’s missed you, but don’t worry. We’re bringing him home. ✈ I ❤ this

— Delta (@Delta) February 7, 2020

«Thanks to the staff of Delta, the Atlanta airport and to all who shared my post. There are no words to Express my gratitude to you,» wrote late mother, Kenley.