Fearless cat-pirate spent his entire life traveling the ocean with their owners (photos)

Fearless cat named miss Rigby spent his entire life traveling the ocean with their owners.

Cat breed Burmese Shorthair lives on a boat with their owners Shane and Marion since she was a kitten.

«These cats are extremely loving and loyal, and trainable. But the boat is her home, and she likes it,» says Marion.

53-year-old Shane and 52-year-old Marion once headed his own architecture business, but ten years ago, finally decided to leave the company for sailing.

Now they live on his boat and traveling with miss Rigby. Together they explored the coastal waters of the United States and the Caribbean.

According to the owners, the 50-foot yacht, the cat has established itself as a real sailor.

«We allow her to be on deck only in calm weather, when it can be closely monitored. Our main concern is always her safety, says Marion. — We are often asked why she wears a life jacket. We tried, but that only made it more awkward. She knows how to swim well, and we quickly picked her up if she fell. We also have mesh hanging from the back of the boat in case she slips, but luckily, it never happened. She is very confident and is aware of the water around her. I can’t imagine that she was not on Board.»

By the way, miss Rigby have an account in Instagram, where you can follow the Maritime adventures of the «cat pirates».