For those tired of the bustle: the most remote post office in the world – in Antarctica – looking for employees

If you are tired of the bustle of the city, then this might be your dream job.

The most remote post office in the world, located on a tiny island in Antarctica, is looking for three people to join their team during the summer. But keep in mind that there are some aspects of the work, which is not very attractive.

Besides the fact that you stuck literally in the middle of nowhere, you will only be given one day off every 14 days in the Port-Lockroy on the island Goodie.

The current head of base Lucy Dorman told the Daily Mail: «there is no place to go when have a little free time.»

The main work you’ll be doing is sorting thousands of letters, cleaning the database from the excrement of penguins and chat with guests.

More than 18,000 people pass through the tiny island each year and generally give employees mail letters and cards.

All the food you will eat in the period from November to March next year, will be available at the beginning of your tenure. Maybe a tourist ship fresh fruit, and if not, will have to eat mostly canned goods and processed foods.

«One thing the staff is definitely looking forward to, is a weekly shower — said Lucy Dorman. – The crew of the ships allow us to go on Board to clean up or wash».

By the way, the toilet is a bucket, there is no wifi and no running water. So, if you really want to say goodbye to civilization for a while, then this is your chance. To apply for the vacancy here.