In the United States because of a coronavirus close to the Grand Canyon indefinitely

Wednesday, April 1, national Park Grand Canyon announced that it is closed and will remain closed «until further notice» because of the pandemic, COVID-19, covering the United States and other countries around the world.

Representatives of the Park is the Grand Canyon said that he had received a letter from the Director of health and welfare Coconino County (Arizona)where it was recommended to close the national Park.

«The Ministry of the interior and the national Park Service will continue to follow the instructions of state and local health authorities in making decisions, said David Bernhardt, the Minister of internal Affairs of the United States. — As soon as we received a letter from the Director of public health Coconino County, we closed the Park.»

In the past weeks due to pandemic coronavirus Grand Canyon have reduced their activities, including no longer charging a fee for entrance at Desert View and the South Entrance, closed the campground, some of the routes, hotels and lodges, tours, visitors ‘ centers and museums.

Tuesday, March 31, the Grand Canyon confirmed on their website that we know of one positive case COVID-19 in the Grand Canyon. Details about this case.

Earlier, the national Park Service (National Park Service) said that it modifies its activities in each Park, in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) and local health authorities.

«While most places are closed and events canceled, many of our open areas will remain available to the public,» noted National Park Service.