The mayor of Hawaii about the arrested travelers: «You avidity!»

The mayor of Kauai (Hawaii) Derek Kawakami, does not claim to authorship in respect of the word «Koweit»/»covidiot»associated with the pandemic COVID-19, but said: «Perhaps I am the first elected official who uses it publicly». Reported by the New York Post.

Bobby Edwards of Boynton, Florida, was arrested last week after police said he flew to Hawaii, not reserving in advance a place of residence. The order throughout the state require of those who arrived in the Hawaiian Islands, the passage of quarantine for 14 days.

According to authorities, 31-year-old Edwards «showed aggression towards airport staff and police officers during the arrest. Edwards also showed signs of intoxication and refused to cooperate.»

Last week, Kauai police have arrested one more person from Florida — Dwight Anthony Tucker from Tampa. Police reported that the man was detained in the tourist town of Hanalei the day after his arrival on Kauai.

Tucker was arrested because the local authorities said he had ignored a decree of the Governor David Ayjah, under which all visitors arriving in Hawaii from March 26, should isolate themselves at the place of residence.

Hawaii mayor to arrested Florida man: You’re a ‘Covidiot’

— New York Post (@nypost) April 8, 2020

The third arrested by the police of Kauai last week was Devin Martin of Olympia, Washington. He was accused of violating the quarantine.

«He didn’t have reserved place to stay, and he gave up the search of housing,» — said the police.

According to the mayor of Kauai Derek Kawakami, the arrest of three «Kovalyov» shows that Kauai is fighting for the protection of its residents. He announced to local residents curfew (21:00 to 05:00), introduced a system of day passes for visitors to the beaches and organised checkpoints throughout the island.

«I believe that the «avidity» are different, said Kawakami. — These three are in the highest degree «avidity» because he tried to escape from States with high levels of infection in Hawaii, where we are working hard to contain the pandemic. All you have to sacrifice something».

The three were returned to the mainland with visitors Bureau Kauai. Costs upset Kawakami, but he said there was an urgent need to bring them from Hawaii.

«You need to consider the risk they pose to our community, not having a place to quarantine, having no housing, to be honest, maybe being homeless, which we have to care, he said. — You know, it hurts.»

Kawakami plans to send them the bills.

«I heard that some tourists come here, taking advantage of the situation COVID-19 and cheap tickets», said Jessica Lani rich, President of the visitors Aloha Society of Hawaii.

On Monday, with financial support from the Department of tourism of Hawaii, she sent three more homeless people in Los Angeles after they arrived in Honolulu, and they had nowhere to stay.

Officials are warning that those who want to come to Hawaii without housing, unable arrested at the airport.