Farmers in the Netherlands destroyed a field of tulips to help in the fight against coronavirus

Despite the ban, checkpoints, drones, and police with a megaphone, people continue to arrive in the Dutch bulb region (the Netherlands), to make a beautiful picture of blooming Tulip fields.

According to local newspaper Omroep West, on Monday one of the farmers, Simon Pennings of Nordwijkerhout, one of the first decided to break off the heads of tulips in his field, that it has lost the attraction to people and was not the cause of the spread of coronavirus among them.

Last week, the municipalities in Bollenstreek urged residents to stay away from the Tulip fields, but it has not brought the desired result.

«We expected a quiet Easter, but it was not so,says Pennings. — On Saturday we installed fencing around fields, the municipality closed the road, and after half an hour people were photographed in the tulips! We have seen that they can’t keep home. That’s why we started to break flowers on Monday morning at 10:00. Usually we always enjoy the tulips in full bloom, but now is not the time for that.»

Bollenkwekers halen velden leeg tegen dagjesmensen

— Joop (@Joop_nl) April 13, 2020

The gardener explained that the decision to break the tulips farming causes significant financial damage.

«Usually we have to inspect the flowers before they «behead». Because for the export of bulbs to certain countries require a certificate stating that the color is good, and the flowers are healthy. We were forced to miss the examination, breaking the tulips ahead of time. As a result, we can export our onions to a much smaller number of countries.»

Despite financial losses, the farmer did not hesitate long.

«Health is the most important thing now!»

According to the representative of the municipalities Lisse and Hillegom, Pennings is not the only manufacturer that empties the onion field.

«Usually farmers leave the tulips as long as possible, until the end of flowering, to allow everyone to enjoy them. But now producers want to do something to combat the coronavirus in the region», explains the representative.