Oktoberfest, which was not abolished during the Second world war cancelled due to coronavirus

The authorities of Bavaria (Germany) has cancelled the Oktoberfest because of the pandemic coronavirus.

An annual beer festival that lasts from September to October, is already more than 200 years and was not abolished since the Second world war.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria Marcus Seder said that mass action would be too great a risk to the health of the population.

«To live with the coronavirus means to live carefully. While there is no vaccine, we have to be very reasonable. We agree that the risk is too high… the compromise will not help — said Seder. — We hurt, and we are sorry. This is not a normal year.»

It was expected that the festival will be visited by about six million people, and it will be held from 9 September to 4 October.

The mayor of Munichwhere the festival is held, said that the cancellation of the festival was «a bitter pill».

«Although this will be a huge blow to companies that take part in it, another decision is simply impossible. This is an emotional and difficult time economically,» said mayor Dieter Reiter.

The organizers added that next year’s festival will be «particularly beautiful and intense.»

Previously it was assumed that it is possible to organize a kind of «Mini-Oktoberfest», which will be open only to local residents. However, this idea has not been approved by the city authorities.

Germany began to weaken quarantine measures in some areas of the country, but a major event is prohibited until August 31.

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged people to be disciplined and continue to observe social distancing.