A former multi-millionaire living on a tiny desert island, spoke about «real isolation»

David Glasheen, a former businessman who now lives «Robinson» on a small island, described how he copes with «this isolation» — a topic particularly relevant in the current quarantine time.

76-year-old Glasheen lives on Restoration Island — which he calls simply «Resto» — off the coast of Northern Australia since 1997, lost its multi-million dollar fortune as a result of the stock market crash of 1987.

As a former businessman and real estate Mogul before the collapse was estimated at $28.4 million, but now he lives on a tiny island much easier.

Glasheen told the «Daily Mail», he moved to this remote place with a suitcase, which was «three shirts, two pairs of shorts and swimming trunks, a good flashlight, a few books and toothpaste with brush».

A former multi-millionaire living on a tiny desert island, spoke about «real isolation»Courtesy: David Glasheen

However, over the years, he was able to adapt on the island and can even connect to the Internet through gadgets on solar energy. The water comes from a catchment in the hilly areas of the island, a man collects rainwater for drinking.

Food, according to Glassine, it is not a problem because «the ocean contains all of the protein that is needed». Men have fishing tackle, nets for catching bait, flint stone to start a fire.

«It’s like life in Jurassic Park,» said David.

He even built on the island bar, guests gdiobj stop. He also has a kit for home brewing. For him, there are Board games and books.

In his book «an Incredible story about how I lost my fortune, but have found new wealth, living on a desert island» (The Millionaire Castaway: The Incredible Story of How I Lost My Fortune but Found New Riches Living on a Deserted Island), a man wrote that his stay on the island only strengthened the belief in an alternative lifestyle.

«Resto confirmed my desire to find another way of life: beyond the vicious circle of pressure to earn enough money, noted David Glasheen. — I couldn’t bear the thought that the world is a Playground for the rich. The decision to leave civilization convinced me that the Resto is a place where I can be happy.»