The plane made an emergency landing when the remark about the noise escalated into a bloody fight passengers

The airline Spirit Airlines from Los Angeles to Detroit was forced to make an emergency landing in des Moines (Iowa) after passengers were beaten up when he complained that his companions too loud, and he tries to sleep.

Flight 709 made an unplanned landing in Iowa on Thursday. As reported one passenger was badly beaten.

«We were in shock, really. We couldn’t believe that this is happening, — said the eyewitness. — It was really scary. We called the flight attendants to stop a fist fight, but they failed».

According to an eyewitness, after the plane landed in des Moines the attackers dressed in different clothes, because their clothes were covered in blood.

«They went and changed before the arrival of the marshals,’ said the woman. — They did not want to be recognized».

Passengers, according to her, was shocked that the people who beat the companion, was allowed back on the flight after a two-hour delay.

A police Sergeant with the Gender of Parizek said that the injured man decided to continue the flight another flight.

«We had not arrested anybody. Quite a unique situation. It was established that the incident occurred in Nebraska, so our Department does not have jurisdiction in this case,» said Parizek.

In a statement to The Post, the representatives of Spirit Airlines noted that «not allow any physical fights on Board the aircraft, and appropriate measures will be taken».

The airline representative Eric Hofmeyer also denied the allegation that the flight attendants did nothing, saying that they tried to «smooth out» the situation before it became too dangerous for them.