In the U.S. a Southwest Airlines plane knocked down a man on the runway

In Texas is investigating the death of a man who was to death brought down the plane, landed in Austin.

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) and the police find out the circumstances of the incident after the international airport Austin-Bergstrom islocated to the South of the capital of Texas, said that on Thursday evening the plane was shot down man.

Flight 1392 airlines Southwest Airlines, flying from Dallas, landed at 20:12 local time, the runway was hit by an unknown person who died on the spot. Gender and age of the person is not released.

It is not known how the deceased could pass through the security system on the runway. The investigation also involved the national Council for transport safety (NTSB).

According to CBS, according to preliminary information, the man was not dressed as an airport worker, and he didn’t have ID.

«Southwest is cooperating fully with local law enforcement and the FAA,» — said in a statement the airline.