Passengers on Ryanair flights will now have to ask permission to use the toilet

Passengers travelling with Ryanairwill have to ask permission to use toilet in accordance with the new rules established by the airline, which is preparing to restart 40% of flights in July.

The largest European low-cost airline intends to comply with almost 1,000 flights per day from 1 July. Before the pandemic Covid-19 Ryanair performed 2400 flights per day.

«By September, Ryanair expects to carry 60% to 70% of its normal flight schedule, depending on customer demand, said Michael O’leary, Executive Director of the company. — People have been locked since mid-March. Many people want to go abroad in the sun.»

Travelers Ryanair will measure the temperature at the airport, passengers are required to wear face masks and use disinfectant for your hands at the terminals.

On Board they will be able to purchase packaged snacks and drinks using only the clearing settlement. The queue for the toilets on Board will be prohibited, and passengers will have to wait for permission from the crew to visit the bathroom. Possibly it will promote physical distancing in airports and on Board.

Ryanair will also require that all passengers travelling in July and August, filled out during registration, information about how long is their trip and specify the address when visiting another EU country. This contact information will be made available to EU governments to help them to control the isolation rule.

Other European airlines, including Wizz Air and KLMalso announced the resumption of flights.