San Francisco — resort city

San Francisco — resort city

San Francisco in the US state of California is considered the most beautiful city in the world and is very popular among tourists. The city is very densely populated and contains many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

San Francisco is located by the water, around the bay, on the Pacific Ocean. You can’t swim on Ocean Beach, the water is very cold, strong winds and big waves. But you can surf. You can relax on Baker Beach.

City tram San Francisco — resort city

One of the highlights of the Californian city is the cable car. It is a mixture of rail tram and cable car. The tram is driven by a metal cable connected to the tram. Be sure to ride on such transport.

City streets

San Francisco stands on forty-three hills. All the streets are steep and winding, except for one. Market Street, the main street of the city, is straight and long. All the business life of the city (downtown) is located nearby.

Lombard Street

This street is known for its meandering. According to this «indicator» it is the most pronounced in the whole country. The slope is about 27%. You should definitely visit it and take pictures against the backdrop of greenery and flowers.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco — resort city

According to tourists, the most beautiful bridge in the world. It is also one of the longest. It is almost two kilometers long and very tall. It is almost 70 m to the water from the bridge, and the supports rise to 230 m. When you walk or drive on this bridge, it sways. The Golden Gate Bridge connects the north bank to the south at San Francisco Harbor.

The bridge was built from 1933 to 1937. It is painted orange-red, and 50 years later the bridge was illuminated. The bridge has 6 traffic lanes for cars, in addition, there are bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Sad fact: The Golden Gate attracts suicides. Already about 1,200 people lost their lives by jumping off the bridge.

Golden Gate Park

One of the main places in the city recommended for tourists to visit. This is a city park, it stretches from the ocean to the city center. There is a large playground, you can go in for sports, ride a bike, relax with the whole family. The park has beautiful vegetation, many animals and birds. There are several museums, a botanical garden, a corral with bison, a Japanese garden, a music zone.

It is easy to get to the park by bus number 5, which runs along Fulton Street.

Alcatraz is an old prison San Francisco — resort city

This prison is located on the island of the same name. They say that it was impossible to escape from prison. The most dangerous criminal figures, for example, Al Capone, were imprisoned in Alcatraz prison. Nowadays it is a museum. There are now guided tours of the prison building. But it is very cold in the bay, be sure to dress warmly for the tour. You can get to the island by ferry from Pier 33 every half hour. Tickets cost $26 for a day tour and $33 for a night tour. Children are cheaper.

Museum of Modern Art

This is a rather strange building of the original style. At the top is the so-called «eye of the Cyclops», which is interesting from the outside and creates interesting lighting inside. The museum exhibits a huge number of works by famous masters. After traveling through the halls of the museum, you can have a bite to eat in the cafe on the ground floor. Or in a small cafe on the roof.

The museum is open almost all week except Wednesdays. And on Thursday from 18:00 50% discount. The ticket costs $18, there are discounts for students and seniors, and children under 12 do not need a ticket. Museum website:

Chinatown San Francisco — resort city

Translated from English, the name means «Chinese city». This quarter was recognized as the oldest and largest among the Chinese neighborhoods in all of North America. Now it has a little more than 100 thousand inhabitants. This is about a fifth of the population of San Francisco.

The Chinese district is located in the very center. The main street of the area is called Grant Avenue, it has colorful gates and many other places of interest for tourists. The gates of Chinatown are very beautiful, decorated with dragon-shaped lanterns that light the way.

Castro District

It is the world center of culture of sexual minorities. The area is home to many gays, and there are also many cafes and art galleries. San Francisco is recognized as the gay capital of the world. If you have a negative attitude towards such people, then it is better for you not to visit this area. But if you are liberal about same-sex love, visit the Castro area. There are many restaurants, beautiful buildings, unusual places to hang out. You can get to the Castro area by bus number 4.

Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco — resort city

This the tallest and most original skyscraper in San Francisco. Its height is 260 m, the skyscraper is located on the corner of Montgomery and Washington streets. It is built in the form of several pyramids, the shadow from it does not interfere with other buildings. There is an observatory in the building, you can visit it and see what the city looks like from a bird's eye view.

Union Square

This tourist part of the city is represented by a cobbled square with shopping centers and fashion stores. There is a food market at the ferry pier. You can get a good look at this place from the bus window.