Harvey vs. Sandy: comparison of hurricane strength, precipitation and victims

Harvey vs. Sandy: comparison of hurricane strength, precipitation and victims

In that time, when thousands of people begin to return to their homes in Texas after hurricane Harvey, many people in new York not on their own think about the storm that has swept through their territory almost five years ago.

Harvey and superstorm sandy caused incredible damage to the areas in which they raged. In ASD decided to compare elements in six main points.

Harvey vs. Sandy: comparison of hurricane strength, precipitation and victims


According to the representative of the National center of hurricanes Dennis Feltgen, sandy was a much stronger storm from the point of view of the extent of tropical force winds. He walked with a width of 900 miles (nearly 1500 km), while Harvey is about 200 miles (over 320 km).


Sandy was first detected on the island of Jamaica October 22, 2012 as a category 1 hurricane. It strengthened to a hurricane category 3 on the cube, when the force of the wind reached 110 mph (177 km). A few days later, when the storm struck new Jersey and new York, he’s lost some of its tropical storm characteristics. Sandy became a hybrid – a mixture of tropical storms and the northeast with winds of about 80 mph (129 km).

Harvey first reached the coast in Rockport, Texas, August 25, 2017, as a category 4 hurricane, with winds over 130 mph (210 km). The hurricane turned into a tropical storm the next day.


The highest rainfall recorded during sandy, has fallen in Millbank, Jamaica, – 28,09 inches (71 cm). In the USA most precipitation was recorded in Bellevue, Maryland – 12.83 inches (32.5 cm). According to an analysis by NASA, in new York was less than one centimeter of rain.

These indicators are completely different from record precipitation after Harvey. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the largest number of registered precipitation amounted to 51.88 inches (132 cm) in Cedar Bayou, Texas.


During sandy, strong winds, which caused a huge surge of water caused the greatest damage, especially in new York and new Jersey. The largest storm tide was measured at kings point, Nassau County, – 12.65 ft (32 cm). The highest storm tide recorded in the result, Harvey was 7.4 feet (about 19 cm) in Port Lavaca, Texas, reports NWS.


147 people died because of hurricane sandy, including 72 people in the United States, according to the NHC. As of September 2, at least 47 victims associated with Harvey.

Damage to houses

Approximately 650 thousand homes were damaged or destroyed by sandy, according to the NHC. According to the Department of public safety of the state of Texas, on the morning of 2 September, about 200 thousand homes received damage from flooding after Harvey, and Reuters, about 12 600 were destroyed.