Weekend weather | Storms and tornadoes in the Central U.S.

Weekend weather | Storms and tornadoes in the Central U.S.

In the Central part of the United States for a long time was calm and mild weather. But this weekend the situation changed dramatically, as reported by AccuWeather.

If you are interested in fall festivals, football events, or NASCAR races at the Kansas Speedway, in this case, it is desirable to monitor weather conditions. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, on Saturday, after 2 o’clock in the afternoon expected severe thunderstorms from Iowa to Texas. They will be accompanied by destructive winds, hail and heavy rain.

«Isolated tornadoes may form in the second half of the day when the storms begin, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Joseph Bauer. The storms will then line up and will move South-East.»

The largest amount of precipitation falls in the so-called tornado alley, namely in the cities of des Moines, Iowa Kansas city, Missouri, Dallas, Texas and the capital of Oklahoma.

The experts advise to keep light objects such as chairs or tables near their homes outdoors. Some residents of the Central United States may face disruptions in the supply of electricity and damage to trees due to strong winds.

Motorists also need to be careful while driving and to move as slowly as possible, to reduce the risk from hydroplaning is the appearance of a water layer between the wheels and the road surface.

On Sunday, the heaviest rains will be over the southern States. Meteorologists believe that this change in the weather will benefit the region after a long drought.