Weather in Miami: the expected warming

Weather in Miami: the expected warming

According to weather forecasts, this week in Miami it is expected a slight cooling, because the low temperature front will pass through South Florida. However, it is not worth the time to get out of the closet all warm things. Experts say that the cold will take over Miami for a couple of days.

According to the National weather service, the temperature drops to 60-63 degrees Fahrenheit by Thursday evening and will remain at this level for Friday morning, but after lunch we should expect raising the temperature to 74-76 degrees. But by the weekend the thermometer and all will rise to the usual 85 degrees.

But that’s not all «surprises» the weather for the residents of Miami this week. Before you pull out the scarves, do not forget the umbrellas. On Wednesday, the city will rain, a little wind is expected.


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