Terrible flood in new York will occur every 5 years

Terrible flood in new York will occur every 5 years

Over the next three decades, large-scale flooding, which has previously been observed in new York, only once in 500 years, could occur every five years, according to a new scientific study published a few days before the fifth anniversary of hurricane sandy.

The study was conducted by several scholars in various universities in the country and was published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The main reason for the changes the scientists unanimously called global warming.

Terrible flood in new York will occur every 5 years

The analysis took into account many factors, including various probabilistic models of events, predictions about sea-level rise and possible landscape changes in the path of future hurricanes, the increase in the number of coastal storms.

Scientists have calculated that by 2030, storms and hurricanes in new York will be even more aggressive, and the water level during floods can reach up to 7.4 feet (about 2.25 metres). Before 1800 the flooding that took place in new York only once in 500 years, now they happen once in 25 years. However, due to the rise in sea level is expected to rise in new York by approximately 8 feet to the end of the century, the situation changed dramatically. Previously, scientists found that between 2000 and 2030, the sea level in the Big Apple will increase by 5-11 inches (12.7 cm to 27.9 cm).

Any recommendations or guidance regarding what should be undertaken by the authorities to prevent such a scenario, the report on the results of the study not. Scientists claim that its purpose – providing information that needs to be analyzed and correctly applied by people whose mandate the adoption of specific management decisions, such as the strengthening of the transit facilities, the coastline.

«We saw during hurricane sandy in 2012, the subways and the tunnels were completely flooded, power lost control of the situation, a separate part of town was just devastated, so these studies give some warning,» says andra garner ABC News, co-author of the study from Rutgers University.