In the southern United States is expected to record heat

In the southern United States is expected to record heat

This year the residents of the southern States affected by Atlantic hurricanes, but now they can expect a small bonus from heavenly office — November very different from the last month of autumn. On the weekends, the temperatures will reach 21°C to 27°C, and in some regions of Texas, the air warms up to 32°C .

On Thursday, the Dallas set a temperature record — 35°C: at 2°C above the previous high, recorded in 1951. Early next week the heat will reach record levels in other southern States.

Monday throughout Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina the temperature is on average 5-10°C above normal, and in Florida by 3-5°C.

Warm weather will challenge records across the southern United States into the new week:

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) November 5, 2017

In Tampa (FL), Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC), Charleston (SC), and Birmingham (al), the air warms up to 27°C, providing local residents a wonderful opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the last warm days. It’s already mid-week, autumn will enter in, and colder.