Storm Rina headed for Ireland

Storm Rina headed for Ireland

Fortunately, the recent natural disasters bypass the USA side. However, the Atlantic hurricane season has not yet come to an end. This reminded storm Rina, which is directed in the direction of Albion.

November 6, element was formed in the waters of the Atlantic and in a matter of hours evolved from a tropical depression to a named storm — the 17th in a row in this year. However, the low temperature of the water near England is not conducive to the strengthening of the storm, so 9 November, he lost the status of a tropical.

Storm Rina headed for Ireland

Despite the weakening, the cyclone will affect the weather in Ireland and the UK — and very soon. On Friday, he will reach land and bring into the country a downpour with strong wind.

The first storm will face Ireland — during the day you will have about 25 mm of rain that could trigger flash floods and impede traffic. By the evening of Rina will move in the direction of Wales and in the rest of Britain will be held on Saturday. In the affected regions expected wind speeds of 65-80 km/h.

On Sunday, the storm subsides, but the last day of the weekend will be cold — the thermometer will not rise above the level of 4-8 °C in the North and 7-11 °C in the South.

Storm Rina will not have such devastating effects as its predecessor, Ophelia, which claimed 3 lives and left without electricity hundreds of thousands of people.