This week new York is waiting for record heat

This week new York is waiting for record heat

As Lewis Carroll told Alice, every day weather in new York is getting «curiouser and curiouser». Not managed the Big Apple to recover from the downpours at the weekend, as the city promised to be unbearable heat.

Forecasters reported that on Thursday the air can warm up to 32(!) degrees Celsius. If this happens, record the highest temperature on may 18, established in 1936, will be beaten by mother nature once and for all.

In other words, new Yorkers will be able to make their own experiences, what should be the real summer.

According to forecasts of meteorological services, it will be the most pleasant heat, which all look forward to with the arrival of the warm half of the year. The humidity is low, so the contrary feeling of tropical heat are expected. A wave of high pressuremoving over the Atlantic ocean, will hit new York on Wednesday, bringing temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. The culmination of this action will come on Thursday, which promises to be clear and Sunny. But on Friday the temperature will gradually decrease.

The last time the thermometer in Central Park was showing 30 degrees on 14 September last year.

The coldest may 18 in the city’s history was recorded in 1973. Then the air in new York warmed up to 5 degrees Celsius.