The weather on thanksgiving: where the holiday will catch up with snow?

The weather on thanksgiving: where the holiday will catch up with snow?

Before the start of the festive season just over a week! Already 23rd all country will celebrate thanksgiving, which is traditionally celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November.

In connection with the upcoming holiday, many Americans will gather to visit their relatives in other States or just visit another city that, according to forecasts of Airlines for America, will lead to an increase in the number of passengers at airports. But during the movement of the country should not forget about the weather conditions that can be radically different depending on the geographical region.

The weather on thanksgiving: where the holiday will catch up with snow?

This weekend in the Midwest and northeast will be a storm, which means that in these areas should expect strong winds, snow and rain. According to forecasts from AccuWeather, closer to the thanksgiving storm may fall on areas from Washington up to Philadelphia and new York. Meteorologists report that in these places should expect rain. But the snow can cover the Great lakes, the Adirondack mountains and far Northern New England.

A strong storm may lead to flight delays at the beginning of Friday and the weekend, timed to coincide with thanksgiving Day in some parts of the Midwest and East.

On the South of the USA, from the Mississippi and heading West, probably will be dry but cool. However, at least part of the southern Atlantic coast could face a rain to how the district will reach the dry cool air.

«On the West in most areas West of the Rockies, including California, Nevada and Arizona will likely be dry, APLR and Sunny for most of the Day Thanksgiving and the subsequent weekend,» said AccuWeather meteorologist Evan Duffy.

As you can see, winter is coming! So if you live in areas of the Midwest and in the northeast, now is the time to make sure you, your car and house ready for the inevitable weather tests in the coming days and weeks.

But if you are going to fly from California to new York, it is best to bring a hat and not to forget a warm coat. Happy holidays!