Weather on Black Friday: going shopping, bring warm clothes

Weather on Black Friday: going shopping, bring warm clothes

Before the official opening of the sales season remained a matter of hours on Friday morning millions of Americans go hunting for the maximum discounts.

If you are one of them, keep in mind — the comfort of home, it is better to dress warmly, so holiday shopping is not over a cold. Forecasters from Accuweather warn that in most parts of the country this morning will be cold, and in the North-East are expected frosts to 6 degrees below zero.

In new York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia, the temperature in the first half of the day will not exceed 1.5°C.

By noon in the Big Apple, the air warms up 4-9.5 °C, and in the capital — up to 10-13°C. it is expected In Florida’s not so cold (16-20°C), but wet weather — no umbrella on the street is better not to go.

Because of the chill and slush, a large proportion of consumers from the South-Eastern States may postpone the purchase until cyber Monday to do their from home.

However, in some regions, conditions are more favorable to shopping on the streets of Chicago and St. Louis are not expected precipitation, and the thermometer rises to the level of 10 — 16 °C.

Most are lucky California buyers — after the hottest in the history of thanksgiving in the Golden state a bit colder, but the weather will remain summer.