On new York looming cold

On new York looming cold

Wednesday, December 13, will be perhaps the coldest day of this season in the northeast.

This is reported by AccuWeather meteorologists.

On new York looming cold

Most of the North-Eastern United States, from Boston to new York, Arctic air mass will bring temperatures below zero, not only at night but during the day.

According to forecaster Brian Thompson, the daytime temperature can drop to 6 degrees Celsius (around +20 degrees Fahrenheit). Will be cold and quite strong wind (20-30 mph).

Worth to dress warmly the people of Vermont, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and even North Carolina.

The authorities in new York remind parents: be sure children are dressed well enough when sending them to school. Insulate and your Pets when out walking with them.

If the house is lost heating or hot water, immediately notify the landlord and call 311, if the problem did not dare.

In addition, by calling 311, you can call if you saw a freezing homeless person who needs help.

According to meteorologists, is already the weekend in the northeast will be warmer.