Winter came to new York in Bryant Park frozen fountain

Winter came to new York in Bryant Park frozen fountain

Now, certainly did not hurt to say that winter is officially here in new York, after all her signs are obvious, including the frozen fountain in Bryant Park. After all, when a fountain is frozen through, it is clear to anyone that the street is really cold.

Even warnings from weather forecasters about sub-zero temperatures did not stop new Yorkers from going to Bryant Park, where long ago encouraged the townspeople winter village with an ice sculpture created by nature. Last night the water in the fountain for the first time this year has turned from liquid to ice, adding popular sites another magnet for visitors. Note to fans to lead a beautiful account on Instagram, transparent, the sun shining on the icicles look great on photos.

The fountain was erected in the Park in 1913 in honor of Josephine Shaw Lowell, Creator of the charity Charity Organization Society. Its design was designed by the architect Charles Platt. A fountain of granite and bronze was so good that in the winter he easily distracts people from the fact that in Bryant Park there are no less cute holiday tree and free ice skating.


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