New York fell to 7 cm of snow

New York fell to 7 cm of snow

Last night new York and long island was covered with snow. Due to the low air temperature the snow on the roads froze, which led to problems in traffic, especially in rush hour.

In new York, new Jersey and Connecticut fell from 2 to 5 inches (5-13 cm) of snow. Since the temperature was in the range of -6 C (20 F), snow is practically melted.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, today in the morning the roads will still be icy. The day temperature should rise to -1 C (30 F), so the snow begins to melt.

Today the day will be windy with gusts up to 30 mph (48 km/h). In the evening the wind colder temperature again will fall to about -6 C (20 F).

Meteorologists predict that on Sunday the frost will not, and the temperature reaches 4 C (40 F).

Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan in the NYC snow tonight…

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— By Vivienne Gucwa (@travelinglens) December 16, 2017