In new York and Chicago expected snow at Christmas

In new York and Chicago expected snow at Christmas

If you live in the northeast or the Midwest, you’re in luck: weather forecasters say that these regions are expecting snow at Christmas.

A storm system from Nebraska swept Iowa and is now close to Chicago. As told to ABC News Ricky Castro, a meteorologist for the National weather service in the windy City today, 25 Dec, you can fall up to 5 cm of snow (about 2 inches).

In new York and Chicago expected snow at Christmas

Due to weather conditions in Indiana drivers are warned not to go to the track without having. Upstate already dropped up to 13 inches of snow.

Sunday international airports O’hare and midway in Chicago reported on the delays, which ranged from 15 minutes to a half hour. Delays were also reported at the airport in Detroit.

In New England, according to weather forecasts will fall to 20 cm (8 inches of snow). Snow storm will sweep across the region today before noon. In Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode island are expected strong wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour.

Mountain areas in the States of Colorado, Montana and Wyoming already covered with snow there fell about 30 cm. Great news for skiers, but there is a flip side of the coin – in these areas there is a danger of avalanches.

In the state of Washington is projected to a light snow this morning, but not in all areas.

As for the state of new York, on the coast the snow is expected with the rain, but in areas located in the upstate – heavy snowfall.