New year in new York are expected extreme cold

New year in new York are expected extreme cold

If the March on times Square — a mandatory element of your new year’s entertainment programs — how you can dress warmer. Forecasters warn that the street will be a strong frost.

New York’s Department of emergency management recommends that you prepare for extreme cold. By the end of this year and early next, the average temperature in the region will stay within — 7.2 °C (15°F), and new year’s eve and all will fall to -11 °C (12°C), making it one of the who visited the coolest in history.

New year in new York are expected extreme cold

The Ministry urges the local population to manage their conditions in order not to miss the first signs of hypothermia, which at this temperature may occur in less than 30 minutes. Anxiety symptoms include severe tremors, dizziness, loss of coordination, confusion, drowsiness and confusion. At particular risk are children, people over 65 and those who suffer from heart and lung diseases. In a frost it is better for them as little as possible to stay outdoors.

In new York city and its suburbs opened heating points.

The arctic cold wave gripping the central & eastern US for the final week of 2017 is not expected to release its grip by the time tens of thousands are celebrating New Year’s Eve:

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) November 27, 2017

According to forecasts from Accuweather, the Arctic front that swept Central and Eastern States, delayed in two weeks. The temperature in new York city, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Oklahoma city will be at least 8 °C (15°F) below normal levels for the period. In the North, expected snowfalls — in particular, new York in the coming days will lay a white blanket with a thickness of 125 mm.

Today in the Big Apple you can see the unusual spectacle — the frozen fountain in Bryant Park.