Abnormal frosts led to the freezing of Niagara falls

Abnormal frosts led to the freezing of Niagara falls

While the cold gripped much of the East coast, including new York, where the temperature on Christmas night is just 11 degrees Fahrenheit, Niagara falls, the temperature dropped to zero. This led to the freezing of the miracle of nature.

According to the Niagara County Weather Wire, the lowest registered temperature in the region was recorded in 2011 and amounted to -18,9 degrees Fahrenheit. The waterfall with a height of 165 feet never froze completely.

However, neither freezing cold, nor wind not frightened, but only attracted tourists. Hundreds of hunters emotions and impressions go to the waterfall to enjoy the beautiful iridescence of the ice surface and intricate icicles.

Niagara Falls below freezing turning into a winter wonderland. How amazing are these photos?#NiagaraFalls #coldsnap #Canada pic.twitter.com/MyNlt4CLzA

— Beatthetravelagent (@Beattravelagent) December 31, 2017

Niagara Falls is a ‘winter wonderland’ right now ❄ on!!! pic.twitter.com/dfrkWqjzhM

— Iate Cau (@itsnaturescary) December 31, 2017