US East coast is expecting more severe weather later this week

US East coast is expecting more severe weather later this week

In the last 10 days , the Eastern part of the United States literally suffers from severe frost. But according to forecasters, this is not the limit!

At the end of this week, «storm monster», accompanied by ice and snow, sweep through coastal areas, starting in Georgia and ending in Maine.

US East coast is expecting more severe weather later this week

Closer to Thursday, January 4, the storm that is reminiscent of the winter storm will reach the most Eastern part of New England with potentially damaging winds in addition to the blinding snow.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, storm will turn into a so-called weather bomb which creates in its epicenter zones of low atmospheric pressure that influence not only air flow, but also on the seismic activity of the Earth.

As suggested by the weather forecasters, the storm will begin to form off the coast of Florida on Wednesday, «throwing» the snow and ice areas are not accustomed to such weather. The national weather service has warned about the winter storm of the people living in the area from lake city, Florida, to Norfolk.

The storm may re-intensify on the beaches of the Middle Atlantic and Eastern New England, where it was also released on warning.

The national weather service warns that the environment in northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia is expected «an unpleasant mixture of freezing rain and wet snow.»

In Charleston, as well as in the area from Norfolk to the beaches in Maryland and Delaware, is projected from one to three inches (2.5 to 7.6 cm) of snow.

In Philadelphia and new York have great chances for new snow. If the storm approaches the coast, the majority of snow (4-6 inches = 10-15 cm) fall to the East from Atlantic city to Eastern long island from Wednesday evening to late Thursday.

By the time when the storm will reach ocean waters East of long island and Eastern New England, it will become «acute».

«Our biggest problem is education possible wind gusts, especially near the southeastern coast of New England,» tweeted Weather Service. «The risk of a power failure, followed by Arctic air Friday and Saturday a matter of great concern!»

[GREATEST CONCERN: THURSDAY] While specific snow amounts are uncertain, our biggest concern is the potential for damaging wind gusts especially near the southeast New England coast. Power outage risk followed by arctic air Fri/Sat a big concern!

— NWS Boston (@NWSBoston) January 2, 2018

The huge circulation of the storm will attract part of the polar cyclone to the North-East US on Friday or Saturday. According to forecasts, temperatures will be 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than average for the region. And gusting up to 30 mph winds will further aggravate the situation, because the frost would feel as if the temperature 10-20 degrees below.

Residents of the East coast will have to endure these «mockery» of the weather until Sunday, because next week will begin a gradual thawing and warming.