In 24 States declared a storm warning

In 24 States declared a storm warning

Earlier in the week several storms overwhelm US. In 24 States have already declared a storm warning: there are heavy rains, snow, floods and ice.

As reported by ABC News, in the West the storm is already raging: snowed in the state of Washington and the mountains of California. In addition, California strong gusty wind was the cause of a forest fire, of the fire zone evacuated 200 people.

This morning, February 19, the storm will reach the Midwest and some southern States.

So, in Wisconsin, especially in its Eastern part, is expected to freezing rain. In the Ohio river valley, Mississippi and Texas will be heavy rainfall; possible flooding, as in Arkansas.

Later in the week in the New world will come right after spring (if not summer heat). Highest temperatures will be in Florida, where the air can warm up to 90°F (30°C). To 68°F (20°C) will be in most parts of the Midwest and in new York and New England.