After the storm over new York shone a double rainbow

After the storm over new York shone a double rainbow

On Monday, new York covered the devastating storm with rain. After the violence of the elements, Mother Nature took pity on the city. As they say, one rainbow is good, two is even better. Especially at sunset. According to the sign, to see a double rainbow — a good sign.

In General, a double rainbow is not uncommon, but still nice to admire them. But a triple rainbow and even four rainbows at once – it’s like the white whale for the photographer-naturalist.

According to Accuweather, a double rainbow appears when a ray of sunlight passes through a raindrop and breaks into different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet.
Sometimes the rays are reflected from the drops two or more times. And it turns out a double rainbow. Usually the second is more vague. By the way, in the second rainbow colors are reversed, the blue is the first and the last you can see the red. In the photo below it is even possible to see:

double rainbow over nyc last night (photographed by j. kastner)

— b*tches grant wishes (@worthyghost) June 20, 2017

Beautiful ??Double Rainbow Emerges After a Stormy Day in #NYC
❤ This is From #Hoboken NJ

— Jonathan Otto (@OttoJon) June 20, 2017

Wild double rainbow after the storm in #NYC

— Evan Frank (@evanbfrank) June 20, 2017

Double rainbow over #nyc yesterday after the storm #weather ? ?

— Roxy Garrity (@RoxyGarrity) June 20, 2017

Great full double #rainbow in #NYC tonight

— Alvin Chow (@alvinchow94) June 20, 2017