Tornadoes and snowstorms hit the United States — and damaged hundreds of houses, there are victims

A powerful cyclone has covered several States Sunday, April 15.

And if in the Midwest (and the North), he broke an unprecedented snowfallover the South swept over 10 devastating tornado.

In Michigan, where it dropped up to 18 inches (45 cm) of snow from the storm were left without power more than 310 thousand homes, mainly in the South-East of the state. In Detroit and County of Wayne the disaster has damaged more than 1 thousand lines.

In Minneapolis (mn) fell to 22 inches (55 cm) of snow. According to the National weather service (National Weather Service), is a record for April snowfall in the state. In the Minneapolis airport canceled nearly 150 flights.

Most of the snow on Sunday saw Wisconsin and the district of the Great lakes. Here fell 23 inches (over 58 cm) of snow.

Over the past weekend in North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas, recorded 17 reports of tornadoes. According to preliminary information, 4 people were injured, damaged more than 160 homes. In Louisiana, a fallen tree killed one-year-old girl.

It is also reported 2 deaths due to the bad weather in Nebraska and Wisconsin, but what exactly happened is not yet known.

Just Witnessed a Tornado while at IHOP. Y’all be safe if your in North Carolina.

— Martin Jones II (@_maj30) April 15, 2018

Recall that in Arkansas the other day the pair managed to survive when their vehicle landed right in the center of a tornado.

But the new York forecasters warned of possible flooding in coastal areas.