California and Utah are attacking thousands of tumbleweeds (photo)

Residents of southern California and parts of Utah armed with gloves, pitchforks and rakes. Who is their enemy? Tumbleweed, literally «occupied» the region.

Strong winds brought hundreds, if not thousands, of these plants are in California in Victorville. The wind gusts, according to the National weather service (National Weather Service), reached 70 mph (almost 113 km) per hour.

Although tumbleweeds are common from the desert, located about an hour away from Los Angeles, the locals say that this is one of the worst «invasions» in their memory.

Brian Bagwell lived here since 2011. «They congregate at the homes. As soon as we remove them, a strong wind brings tumbleweeds back. It’s a nightmare!» — says the man.

I agree with the definition Bagwell and 45-year-old Ralph Zavala, who decided not to go out until there is raging tumbleweeds. «You go and shy away from them because sometimes they whiz right over your head,» says Zavala.

Tumbleweed, which many have only seen in westerns, may seem like a harmless «ball». In fact, these «balls» are covered with sharp spikes, which can severely scratch the skin. Moreover, the accumulation of tumbleweeds highly flammable: small enough spark to fire.

It is believed that this «nomadic» weed hit the US in the 1870-ies with flax seed, brought by Russian immigrants to South Dakota.

Attack of the #tumbleweeds!! Check out this house in #WestJordan that was hit in yesterday’s #windstorm. What do you do when it gets this bad? Details tonight on @abc4utah at 5 p.m. 📷: Bruce Butcher

— Rosie Nguyen (@ABC4Rosie) April 17, 2018