In California can come «great flood», as in 1862

In this century, California will suffer from the weather: a severe drought will be replaced by showers with the likelihood of recurrence of the «great flood» of 1862.

According to the results of a recent study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, climate change in the most densely populated state in the United States will increase the contrast between the seasons: summer will be hotter and drier and winter is more humid.

«The region is already experiencing an increase in precipitation during key months of «rainy season,» says the study’s lead author Daniel Swain , University of California, Los Angeles. — In the future hot and dry summer will be followed wet in winter, precipitation will increase in this century 25-100%».

From 2010 to 2016 in California had a severe drought followed by heavy rains and floods. In 2017, the 200 thousand people temporarily evacuated because of the risk of breakthrough of the dam Oroville.

According to the study, major cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, 2060 may suffer from flooding, comparable to the «great flood» of 1862.

Then the water flooded the Sacramento valley and San Joaquin — an area stretching 300 miles (500 km) and a width of 20 miles (32 km). Torrents of water washed away bridges, flooded mines, destroyed houses. «If it happens again, be the victim and the damage approaching $1 trillion,» the scientists say.

To minimize natural disasters Daniel Swain suggests the use of the floodplain, where it will be possible to redirect the flow of rain water.