New York is hot!

Residents of new York, longing for spring finally will get what he wants and even a little more.

Unusually cold winter finally surrendered, and the Big Apple will soon warm almost summer heat.

According to weather forecasts today, 1 may, daytime temperatures will stay in the region of 26°Cor 12°C above average for this date value, stated the national weather service (National Weather Service).

And on Wednesday and Thursday, 2 and 3 may, the Big Apple will see a real summer. So, on Wednesday afternoon meteorologists promise to +28°C, and Thursday and up to +32°C. Thus, it may be beaten a weather record on may 3, 2001, when the thermometer outside the window showed +31°C.

At the weekend the temperature will drop only slightly up to +23…+24°C. So, if you suddenly decided to complain about the heat early, remember the April snow and cold.

By the way, while on the North-East moving warm front, in the Midwest, raging storm. Several States have received warning of the tornado.