Over the four States swept 29 tornado (video)

Since Monday, at least 29 tornadoes were registered in the four States of the Midwest.

So, 16 tornadoes were seen in Kansas, five in Oklahoma, five in the state of Nebraska and three in Missouri. In some areas of Oklahoma, the wind speed exceeded 100 miles per hour. About casualties or damage information yet.

On disappointing forecasts of weather forecasters, severe weather will not leave the region until Friday, may 4th. Today, on may 3, the danger of squalls, hail and tornadoes remains for Arkansas, Missouri, northeast Kansas, South Iowa, Texas and even Illinois.

North-East United States are more fortunate. Wednesday, may 2, broke temperature records for warmth in several cities: Washington, D.C., Baltimore (MD), Atlantic city (NJ), new York. In some schools of Baltimore students even after school released early due to the heat.

In tornado season it is important to know what to do if you happen to meet with this terrible disaster. Here are a few useful tips.

I just saw this large tornado near Culver Kansas pic.twitter.com/5kCTiLHgrH

— Gerard Jebaily (@GerardJebaily) May 2, 2018