Spring with the coolness returned to new York after a record heat

Over the past few days the residents of the Big Apple managed to get tired from the heat — the weather outside was more like mid summer than early may, and even reached record levels.

But in the beginning of the week everything was back to normal, and the window was installed the spring weather is normal for this period, temperature performance.

According to forecasts by the National weather service, in the first half of the week will stay Sunny and temperatures will not go beyond the boundaries of the moderate — from 18°C to 26.5°C. Until the end of Monday, may 7, and the temperature will stay between 24°C. According to Accuweather, the maximum rate of 34°C was recorded on this day in 2000, and the minimum was 3°C in 1891.

While we have some filtered sunshine today, the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday is mostly sunny with seasonably warm temperatures. The next chance of showers and possibly a storm comes on Thursday. pic.twitter.com/tFL5yXVglZ

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) May 7, 2018

Weather can deteriorate Thursday — this day weather forecasters do not rule out the probability of rain, but the cold weather is not expected. On the contrary, the end of the week the thermometer will rise to 28°C, but on Sunny weekend should not count due to a possible storm on Sunday.