In the Pacific ocean formed the first this season tropical cyclone

Before the official start of hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific ocean 4 days, but in 2018 he started early. According to Accuweather, the evening of may 10 at the Western coast of Mexico formed tropical depression 1-E — first this year.

Currently, the cyclone is 1.3 million miles (2,09 km) southwest of Baja California and poses no threat to land.

Tropical Depression One-E has developed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. This is the first tropical system of the year in the Eastern Pacific, but is not expected to impact land:

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) May 10, 2018

According to the observations of the University of Wisconsin, around 1-E no characteristic winds, indicating the development of the cyclone. This means that he is unlikely to turn into a storm and especially in a hurricane. If it still happens, it will be called «Aletta».

Hurricane season in the Pacific begins may 15 — 2 weeks before the Atlantic hurricane season. Since 2000, in may in the Eastern Pacific ocean has formed 19 named storms, 9 of them developed into hurricanes 3 major hurricanes.

In 2017, the season was too early: the first cyclone developed in a storm on may 9.